Get Some Tire Knowledge To Eliminate Bogus

The quality of tire determines the safety factor of a car during the life cycle. A car dead weight, passengers and loading are all supported by tires. The tire is an important part of a car. So you should know something about tires. Here are some tire knowledge for rookie drivers.

First, look over the date of manufacture. The tire is made of rubber which has a life cycle. The closer to deadline you choose and the more danger you will confront. There are four numbers of manufacturing date are usually tagged at tire side. And the first two numbers represent week of manufactures and the last two numbers are years of manufactures. The tire life cycle shouldn’t over four years. For example, the 2912 means it was made in 29th week, 2012.


Second, check the Anti-Counterfeit labels. The qualified new tire has Anti-counterfeit labels and most of them will stick on the logo. There are many Anti-Counterfeiting methods nowadays, for example, anti-fake coating scratching, watermarks and bar code on the brand. All these mentioned methods could be a way to identify the authenticity. The security code could be checked by message or network.

Then review the tread patterns. The ordinary pattern is mostly horizontal or vertical continuous to drive suitable on the hard road. It always used by small cars or trucks. The mixed type have both horizontal and vertical patterns. It is not only suitable for good hard pavement, but also fit macadam, snow and soft pavements. It mostly used by some of vans and four-wheel drive vehicles. The off-road pattern is better match for SUV. Such as the OTD (Original Trench Depth) means the different tread patterns have different trench depth.

Last but not least, check the tire load index and speed level. The tire load index represented by number, indicates the maximum quantity it could hold. The speed level showed by letters, signifies the highest MPH (miles per hour). These two parameters always printed at the tire side. The bigger numbers or letters it printed, the larger loading or faster speed it support. For example, the 51M means it can hold 195kg weight and can reach to 130km/h.

We list four of the most important skills to help you distinguish a qualified tire. Price is not the only factor when considering to buy a tire. Choose the tires with quality assessment is good for everyone.


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